Technology Programme and Project Management Consultancy

Founded by Ivan Madeira, Madsons has been operating in the UK since 2009 and in Canada since 2017.

Technologies Implemented



What are you trying to achieve? Where can we help you? Putting in a new technology could mean anything from this being a core component to a change programme, to buying software and replacing it. We want to come in to understand where we can offer value, identify potential pain points and a clear path of resolution.


Once we know what you’re trying to do, then we can advise, or work in managing various experts to help deliver one clear solution. We will tailor our experience to find the best fit-gap approach. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel but focus on the value add, and getting the product quicker to market in an efficient but effective way.


We will support you with project management knowledge, such as budgeting, planning, governance & risk, stakeholder and change management. We will engage and manage business, technical and external resources. If your organisation isn’t used to managing these internally, then we will help to bring these skills and that facilitation to ensure we can all work together in delivering.

Embed & Adopt

We believe that IT projects should be shorter, but with frequent releases. It encourages system adoption and you see the benefits sooner. With a staggered phased approach of release management, this will mean your organisation will need to understand how to take ownership of the product and the process.

We do believe in knowledge sharing and empowerment for your organisation, so that you won’t need us anymore for any future phased development, as you and your team can do it yourself in a controlled manager.  

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